Monday, February 25, 2008

Tale #60 - The Tale Of Broken Machines

Hi, all!

Wow! I know it's been ages since my last update, but there's a huge reason for it - I broke my computer in December leaving me totally cut off. Or more like I forgot to back stuff up and in an attempt to wipe out a virus I tried doing a non-destructive wipe and well... it destroyed everything with a chance of recovery as long as I didn't put my computer in to heavy use or didn't save any new files. Sorta like using a really big mallet when I shouldn't have. So it really did leav me without a computer and I had to pick up a new one to back my new stuff up on and to keep this from happening again. (Definately not a cheap venture!) So what does this mean? Well... it means I'll be super slow with things for a while longer as well as slow with getting stuff scanned and uploaded for your viewing pleasure. But for the most part, I'm back but just barely.

Anyways, hope to see some of you dropping by and around again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tale #59 - The Tale of Projects

Hi, all!

Still having troubles working with posting graphics here. So no art today. But I am going to mention a project cancellation. I'm cancelling "Schrute!" right now. I know it seems odd and unusual to cancel a project so early (This is very VERY rare of me to do this), but there's a very good reason for this: Both "Schrute!" and "I Am Chef" are both games and I have my own personal rule regarding game and game projects - never do two games at once unless absolutely nessisary. Not that I don't take on two games at once while freelancing, but for personal projects I tend to have a different rule set that I go by so it doesn't interfear with anything. If I tackled two personal game projects at once, both games will suffer in quality. With both freelance and personal projects, I like keeping a high level of quality. I don't like doing anything subpar. So doing one game at a time for a personal project dodges this problem. So that brings me to the second reason why I picked "I Am Chef" as the game I wanted to work on was because there was more orginality to it and offered the most flexibility in where I can use it... as in portfolio wise. (TOAMG is a "blogfolio" as it's a means to show off my best portfolio work.... but it's what I call a "loose-style" blogfolio meaning that it loosly follows the guidelines for a blogfolio. "Strict-style" is a blogfolio that follows the guidelines to the letter. I'll cover this more in "Blogfolio Power Tips II." )

So anyways, I don't have much else to bring up right now with my art posting ability being well... a little limited right now. So I'll see you all later!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tale #58 - The Tale of Even More Sketches (And Updates)

Hi, all!

Well... I've been a little busy lately, but I did come up with a lot of artwork.

But first, here's a look at what's been going on:

- Tutoring French = It's true. I'm tutoring it... but only to family because they asked for my help.

- Art class = Well.... I think I'm looking at the end of it. As for why.... it's a sad story. The teacher is having a lot of trouble at home and it's really taking a toll on him so he may actually stop the classes. I really do feel sorry for him. It's kinda hard to find the right stuff to say here. But what I can say is that I hope things get better for him soon.


Well... I'm going to be shelving a few for a while to revisit later. Whenever I get stuck on moving a personal project along, I'll shelve it for a little while so when I come back to it, I can look at it from a fresh light with more new ideas. I just find it easier that way. But I'll only do this if I can afford the luxury and right now I can.

Shelved Projects:

- Steeleing 6
- The top secret project
- Trudge & Quill
- A Day At The Passing Parade (A Remake)

New Projects:

- I Am Chef: The Game= Programming this in RPG Maker. It's a cooking/RPG game with a lot of twists to it. I'm not going to say much on this one.... yet!

- Schrute! = Okay... it's a fan-creation and I don't usually do that, but I couldn't resist. For the past few weeks, I've been watching "The Office" and I've got this grand temptation to create a Flash based game about Dwight Schrute... mostly because there's enough material there to do something kinda light hearted and funny with it.

Anyways, here's the sketches of the... uh day? I guess I really can't say "Sketch of the Day" anymore. But I can say that there's sketches comming your way!

I was watching TV one night and I just started drawing random people from random TV shows. This is the subject of most of today's sketches.

These next few come from watching "The Office." I'm starting to colour a few of these ones. There were more sketches, but for some strange reason, blogger wouldn't allow me to upload anymore and I was getting some weird error messages.... hmm.... anyways, here's the few that made it through:

Anyways, I know I'm a little late here but Happy (belated) Halloween, everyone. To celebrate, I managed to find this quriky Flash game (which I didn't program....) dealing with staple guns.... and.... zombies. Hopefully, the code works and it will show:

Good luck on the zombie hunt!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tale #57 - The Tale of "Fanput"

Hi, all!

A friend of mine emailed me this link and I found it in my inbox that I want to show you and pretty much caught my attention:

Zeros 2 Heros

So what is it? Well... after having a brief look at it, the site focuses on amatures and the resources on trying to get their foot in the doors in the industry. They are constantly looking for writes and artists and will listen to fan imput (or as I call it "fanput.") But this is also a great chance for both the industry and the job seekers to connect.

So anyways, I really had to point that out.